Gambian Association of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Every individual has the right to take part in and live in his or her society on equal basis no matter how skilled or handicapped he or she may be. This is explicitly stated in the UN article on human rights and the African charter on human and people’s right which has been ratified also by the Gambian Government. In spite of this, however, we continue to experience denial of most of these rights.


In order to change this trend and bring about a better living condition for all of us deaf and hard of hearing people we got united in GADHOH, to carry out cost effective  rehabilitation services and other activities to equip deaf people for participation in society. We raise the awareness of the Government and society to condition people’s attitude towards us, while striving to develop the capacity of the organisation and strengthen every individual deaf person in the country to participate actively in our own development process. GADHOH is a registered, charitable and national non Governmental organisation set up in the year 1992 by a group of deaf and hard of hearing people assisted by some hearing sympathizers.


The development activities of GADHOH which has been funded mostly by humanitarian disabled peoples organisations in Sweden (SHIA and SDR), and a UK based charity (2001 to 2005) has brought about considerable improvement in the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people. Limited numbers of deaf and hard of hearing students are now accepted in some schools and colleges and pre-service training. A number of them are in gainful employments and supporting their own families. Families are accepting their deaf member’s marriage to another deaf person. Deaf groups in the Banjul areas organises social activities to educate or enjoy them selves or raise funds. Most deaf people in this area have acquired the knowledge of HIV/AIDS they need to protect them selves.


They have a better understanding of their rights in society and the need for their collective and individual actions to change their lives. Sign language training has brought great relief. Deaf people in the Gambia are now able to communicate and express themselves better using sign language. The few sign language interpreters trained and employed by the organisation provides interpretation services at law enforcement centres, health centres, education and training centres, conferences, family and community meetings, etc.           

Deaf people, however, are still on the low steps of the development ladder as compared to the rest of the society.


Our Vision

A society that guarantees full participation and equality for its deaf and hard of hearing communities         


Our Mission Statement

Creation of a society in which deaf and hard of hearing people participate fully as citizens of the nation and enjoy all benefits of such citizenship on a fair and equal basis.


GADHOH is succeeding. We are making a difference and this is our story, so far.


1992 - '94 - '95 - '97 - '98 - '99 - 2000 - '01 - '02 - '03 - '04 - '05 - '06 - '07


January 15th - Brikama Branch held its first AGM at Brikama Youth Centre in Western Region. It is the first regional branch that has its own committee responsible for the day to day running of the branch. During the period August 2006 to August 2007 a nursery school for deaf children, Sign language class for deaf adults, home visits, the acquisition of a plot of land from the Governor’s office, and Brikama Area council and staff training, have been achieved by the branch.


March 18th - The new head office for the Female wing has just been officially opened at Kanifing. The building exists of two wings: one for the nursery school with two classrooms, office and store and another one for the skills centre for deaf girls (15 +) with literacy room, workshop for sewing and knitting, a kitchen/cake bakery, an open kitchen (for making local dishes) and an open space for tie and dye and hairdressing. Toilets for children and adults, water and electricity connection, furniture and outside playing materials for the children have all been realised. A school bus has been donated by Salomons Hulpfonds.

The first nursery school for deaf children in The Gambia has now been realised. Gambia already has a school for education for deaf children (7-16 years), (grade 1-9), at St. John's school for the Deaf, Kanifing.

This was only possible with the fantastic fund raising effort by the Dutch Foundation BUGANALA along with donations and \financial support of the Dutch Foundation NCDO (National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development) and Foundation to Build, of The Netherlands, who carried out the construction employing a group of deaf boys who had  finished their education at St. John's School which was overseen by Mr. Cees IJsendoorn, the project coordinator.

The first stone was laid by Mrs. Marieke IJsendoorn, Chairperson of Foundation Bugnala on 3rd April 2007. There for the official opening she was delighted. “Our aim is to work for the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals to see that every child has a right to education and access it,” she said.

Mrs. Isatou Sanyang, Director of the Female wing stated that this is the first branch to be established under GADHOH as a special interest group aimed at empowering the deaf children and women. This will mean they can provide a wide range of skills training to deaf children such as tie and dye, tailoring, soap making, sewing and needlework and sign.

Mr. Dodou Loum, Executive Director of GADHOH, stressed that there is a greater demand for skills training for deaf children in the country.

The looks on the delighted Deaf people said it all and everyone commended the Foundation Buganala, the donor and the contractor Foundation to Build and the workforce for a magnificent building and the Gambian government for allocating the land.

You can read Bugnala's Newsletter about the grand opening ceremony here.


April 21st  - Here are seven happy students outside the HQ office, who are learning various skills at the Gambia Technical Training Institute. Up to 2006, there were no deaf students at the Institute but with Awareness training and the provision of interpreter services by GADHOH, there are now twelve students studying there. This photo appears on the Joshua project  web site (Gambia – Deaf).

28th - The Inaugural meeting was held at Head office in Banjul with participants Dodou loum, Lamin Ceesay, Landing Badjie, Sheriffo Kanteh, Isatou Sanyang, Alhagie Dampha, Yahya Jabbi, Ansumama Biyai, Judie Jones (VSO) and Brian Grant (VSO).


2005 - 2007 - HQ  Mr Abdoulie Njie - GADHOH President

January - Change of sign language teachers - Up until 2007 the sign language teachers were Miss Fatoumata Sissohore, Mr.Gibril Ceesay, Miss Oumie Joof and Mr.Ousman Saidy. These were replaced with the current ones - 23rd - Baby Monitoring Devices - Mrs Fatou Bayo was the first beneficiary of the baby monitoring device, presented to her by Eddev. There are various devices on the market of Western countries help deaf people to protect themselves and facilitate their communication and interaction in the predominantly devices functions by producing light, pictures, text, or vibration which deaf people can feel or see and that technology in Gambia is crawling to the aid of deaf and hard of hearing people.


February - Amadou Tourey, Honourary Father - Mr Amadou Touray, Public Relations Manager of GAMTEL and the Chairman of the Parents-Teachers Association at the School of the Deaf, was honoured and decorated as the Honorary Father of the GADHOH.  'Hardworking, respectful, dedicated and sympathetic to the community of the disabled in The Gambia' and he had played a great role in developing the welfare of not only GADHOH but also the entire disabled society in The Gambia 


1st - GDSA International Member - The GDSA was recognised by the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf  - 6th - Web Site - This web site was asked to be created.



7th - GAMTEL donation - GAMTEL  Mananging Director Katim Tourey donated a computer to managing Director Dodou Loum - Deputy Director Landmy Badjie, sign language interpreter Alagi Dampha, Gamtel mananging Director Katim Tourey, Exec Director Dodou Loum, Gamtel Public relations officer AmadouTourey

March HQ - GDSA - The Gambia Deaf Sports Association was provisionally registered with The Gambia National Sports Council - HQ - The GADHOH National Headquaters building is progressing.18th Barra Branch – Assan Mendy, 9 year old deaf boy, and Abdoulie Willan, Deaf tailor based at the GADHOH Female Wing - Group photo  - Dodou Touray joins Modou Choi, Sheriffo Kanteh,(Sign teacher) Ousman Jallow (Chairman Barra branch), Ndure Mbye, Sheikh Mboob, and Assan Mendy 

Deaf Club -  A good gathering at the deaf club!Names are registered - Smiles all round - Sheriffo Kanteh with a local deaf friend - Gambian and Irish friends together - Deaf club members walking home after a very successful club meeting, followed by local children - 26th - A permit to build the head office was obtained from the Planning authority at a fee of D1023.00

April 3rd - The First Stone laying Ceremony was performed by Marieke IJsendoorn of Foundation Buganala who said that she was delighted after months of planning for the occassion. Staff and students as well as local dignatries were gathered and celebrated the occassion.16th - Sign language lesson

May -  David Clamp left as VSO Country Director and a gesture of appreciation was made at his office in Fajara.


June 2007 - GADHOH in Spain - Madam Cham, chairperson of the association's Female Wing and Mr Badgie, deputy to the entity's Executive Director and a sign language teacher, attended the 15th World Federation of the Disabled Congress in Spain where information about The Gambia and GADHOH was given and they learnt about the  outside world, as well. It was suggested that the national radio and television authorities, consider introducing broadcasting Sign News so that The Gambia will not be left behind by the development of the deaf taking place in the other parts of the world Event  - July 7th - Banjul Branch Deaf Club Disco Front desk where members have to pay admission fee in order to enjoy the disco and food - Haddy Cham and Nicholas Kujabi (chairman of Banjul Branch committee) -  Members enjoying the disco - Young deaf people dancing in delightIt all got too hectic for two deaf members who preferred playing Gambian draughts21st - Youth Group Committee members Abdoulie Njie Jr, Fatou Jeng, Adama Jammeh and Ansumana Beyai and Abdoulie Saidy - holding discussions at a sign language class


Female Wing at Kanifang - The start of the construction of a nursery school for deaf children and a skills training centre for deaf girls (15 +) by the Dutch Foundation Bugnala and with financial support of the Dutch Foundation NCDO (National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development). Foundation to Build, from the Netherlands, was the constructor employing a  group of deaf boys, who had finished their education at St. John's School.


July - Youth Wing - GADHOH Youth wing was founded - Female Wing The female wing started to take shape with ongoing work on the site. 


August 14th  - Organisational Development Training Modou Lamin Gaye making a point - Discussing options - Another solution is offered by Modou Lamin Gaye - A solution has been reached!  - Ansumana Beyai (Yellow top)Adama Jammeh (Brown dress)Siaka Jammeh (Blue and white top)Modou Lamin Gaye (red and white top) - Siaka Jammeh signing and then showing off a very tasty and rare species of orange - Ansumana beyai showing the sign for Cassava, beside a cassava plant, just to make himself extremely clear! - Ansumana Beyai proud of his ripe Jack Fruit - Ansumana Beyai, Chairman and trainer of Young Deaf committee and Alvean Jones(VSO) enjoying Attaya, a popular West African tea - Ansumana Beyai and Alvean Jones - Jaja Jeng and Alvean Jones at the Attaya Corner (again) - Siaka Jammeh loving everyone - Ansumana Beyai, Siaka Jammeh and Jaja Jeng - Adama Jammeh preparing drinks for everyone from a sachet of powdered orange and Abdoulie Njie junior, vice-chairperson of the Young Deaf Committee16th  Brikama Branch - Committee members at an informal meeting - Abdoukadir Drammeh, Muhammadou Jaiteh, Karamo Sanyang and Ousman Saidy (writing) – Mustapha Fatty, Muhammadou Jaiteh, Ousman Saidy, Karamo Sanyang and Abdoukadir Drammeh - Karamo Sanyang, Brikama Branch chairperson  making a point - Muhammadou Jaiteh and Ousman Saidy paying attention - Abdoukadir Drammeh and Dodou Loum - Karamo Sanyang, chairman of Brikama branch, raises a point as Dodou Loum, executive director of GADHOH looks on - Ousman Saidy (Blue shirt) expresses a concern with Muhammadou Jaiteh, (green and black) and Karamo Sanyang (Beige and brown striped top) pays attention - Ousman Saidy, commitee member of Brikama branch, signing - Abdoukadir and Dodou discussing options19th - Deaf Club Committee meeting at the Njie compound where Ansumana Beyai holds everyones attention - Siaka Jammeh writing a letter of thanks to supporters of the young deaf groupdiscussions with Abdoulie Njie and Siaka Jammeh   - Abdoulie Njie, wearing the official Gambian footballer supporters top makes his point - Ansumana Beyai signs while Alhagie Biriam Bah, Haddy Cham and Siaka Jammeh ponder - Modou Sowe and Modou Lamin Gaye at the Attaya corner – Adama Jammeh and Alvean Jones were there for the Attaya! - 20th - Press relations Conference - A press conference was organised with the intention to create a good relationship between GADHOH and the media.  Alvean Jones, VSO Volunteer from Ireland donated two bicycles to the Barra and Brikama branches - 23rd GADHOH Calls for Special News Bulletin - The  Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) was asked to create a special news programme for the deaf and people hard of hearing and asked the Gambia government to consider having  the deaf involved in the proposed skills, in collaboration with the Spanish authorities, as a way of curbing illegal migration - 31st - Appeal - The Female wing Director, Isatou Sanyang commended SHIA and the Swedish association of the Deaf for their continued support. She appealed to parents with deaf children to send their children to Deaf schools so that they could learn skills and acquire knowledge.


September - African Decade - Gambian Steering Committee held its first training workshop for African Decade for Persons with Disabilities.


October - Drama  - GADHOH in Australia - Gibril Ceesay, a teacher at GADHOH’s Nursery School, attended the Oxfam International Youth Partnership ‘Kaleidoscope’ in Sidney, Australia  Event - - Banjul regional branch activities - Drama - Jaja Jeng and Abdoulie Njie arrived early for their drama rehearsal at the Female wing Latrikunda Sabiji compound, which was also an ideal place for meetings and social activities of the GADHOH membersMiss Sainabou Mbye prepares lunch for the drama group - Sainabou is a member of the Female wing teaching staff and who is well known among the Banjul branch deaf group for cooking delicious meals and is in the enclosure where she sometimes cooks for the occasions of meetings, deaf clubs, and other social activitiesMiss Mariama Dibba, Fatou Joof, and Amie Jammeh  helping with in preparing the mealAbdoulie Njie in red shirt and Siaka Jammeh during a drama playSiaka Jammeh and Alhagi Bah from the drama groupJaja Jeng performs during the drama play.


November -  Deaf Club - GADHOH Deaf Club had a meeting with an input from The Gambia Family Planning Association; the introduction to the new Banjul Branch Committee and a drama production. There was also a music system, games and the usual collective meal prepared by the female members - Banjul Branch organises Adult literacy Class  - teacher explaining - time to catch up on the news during a break in lessons - and then discussing it - whilst others study their work. It was a busy day but time for a few pics to be taken. Barra Branch - Sign language classes being carried out at a school on Sunday. GADHOH does not own special training centres and can not afford to pay rent for them. It appeals to those wanting to learnLessons in classes Now pay attention. Miss Fatou Mbye whose brother is deaf, is selected for interpreter training for deaf people in the area. Members practicing sign language at leisure timeMr Ansu Sarr and Mr Ousman Jallow volunteering to travel to a nearby village, Kanuma, to teach deaf children. There is no school for deaf children in the Kanuma area - 17th - Barra Regional Branch - honoured Alhagie Tabora Manneh, Chief of Lower Niumi District, as their honorary father with a colourful ceremony held at his residence in Barra.  Alhagie Tabora Manneh, commended GADHOH for the trust and confidence bestowed on him. Fatou Sowe, Secretary General, Barra Regional Branch, praised GADHOH's adopted father for his relentless support and Executive Director Dodou Loum, commending Chief Tabora Manneh for his kind humanitarian assistance to the deaf in the region, and appealed to the Information Secretary of State to employ sign language interpreters at the national television in a bid to enable the deaf to have equal access to information, notably national news. 

Female Wing - This was an exciting time for the Female Wing when the sponsors, staff and students visited the site to see the progress being made. The main buildings and toilet area could be seen and some interiors had been almost finished. There was still a lot to do though but the tradesmen were happy as were the sponsorsA local carpenter got an order for making tables and benches for the nursery school, tables and chairs for the literacy room and the knitting room.


December 24th - Certifcates awarded - 17 students at the Female Wing were awarded certificates after completing their intermediate and elementary courses on tie and dye, sign language, and tailoring. A minibus was donated from Foundation Buganala to transport children and girls students to school.


1992 - '94 - '95 - '97 - '98 - '99 - 2000 - '01 - '02 - '03 - '04 - '05 - '06 - '07   Top of Page


January 2006 - HQ Fencing around the site for the National office Headquarters was completed and then stolen! Foundations for a brick wall was then started with two metal gates fixed to the two entrance ways, and a two roomed house for watchman’s quarters - Wall construction almost completed - Phase 1 Plot development. By February 2006, 2873 moulded bricks had been used. 20th - Board meeting with Secretary Generalpresident, and female wing addressing.

February 16th - Female Wing - opening of Bakery - At the opening ceremony in Marieke IJsendoorn, representative of a Dutch organisation ‘Stichting Een School voor Gunjur Nieuw Vennep’, said GADHOH was among the specialised educational institutions in the country, which benefit from her association’s projects. Marieke IJsendoorn was awarded a certicate for her achievements At the opening of the Bakery Unit, Mrs. Marieke IJsendoorn (Chairperson Bugnala) recieved a certificate from Isatou Sanyang - Marielke, representative of a Dutch organisation ‘Stichting Een School voor Gunjur Nieuw Vennep’, said GADHOH was among the specialised educational institutions in the country, which benefit from her association’s projects.Bakery in action and ‘Bugnala’ Cakes for Sale 18th Students and staff of the Female Wing gathering for Independance day celebrations.

HQ - there were a total of 2873 moulded bricks made for the construction of the National office Headquarters. The works up to now had been funded by EdDev with voluntary services provided by GADHOH members making a significant contribution to the construction work. The funding of the Headquarters construction was later taken over by the Support groups in Ireland

March GDSA The Gambia Deaf Sports Association (GDSA) held its inaugural general meeting.  In the same month the GDSA held a friendly international football competition in Senegal but went on to lose to their hosts the Association des Sports des Sourds du Senegal (ASSS) (4 – 2) Football team in training  25th - Deaf Club - The Banjul Branch Organised  this Deaf Club meeting Happy couple - Lamin & Fatou Drammeh - Isatou making fund - ‘Ebbeh’ & ‘Chakri’ are the most served food at the meetings - Sukai Joof - Mariama Sosseh - Abdoulie Njie, President - Isatou Jallow - Fatou Drammeh - Alagie Sanneh - Dancing is always popular - Deaf Boys cheating with the Girls -Ramou, Saffiatou & Fanta who bake the cakes - Isatou & fatou Conteh with the Cakes! - Banna & Friend enjoying themselves on stageAlfusainey Colley & friendAmie Jammeh Lamin & Fatou Drammeh - Ansumana (in white shirt) head of drama Group - Ousainou, Alvean Jones & Fatou - Fatou Njie, Fatou Drammeh & Sukai Joof - Amie & Ramou - Ramou & Saffiatou - Kaddy, the only qualified female interpreter - Sainabou & KaddyLamin & wife Fatou DrammehLamin Blue from the Drama groupNikolas K. Chairman of Banjul branchParty HallFatou in the dark!!! - The members watching a video at the club

29th - Sign language Interpreters - Certificates were awarded to outstanding members of staff, in a ceremony held at the GADHOH Female Wing Skills Centre in Latrikunda Sabiji. Juliet Millican, EdDev’s programme manager, congratulated the teachers and staff of GADHOH for facilitating the development of a national sign language, by training deaf tutors and sign language interpreters.  GRTS were present filming the ceremony which was later broadcast on TV. Journalists from the newspapers were also present. There were speeches made by several members including Alagie Da and Mr. Mendy, Principal St. John's school for the deaf. Certificates were awarded to - Yahya - Kaddy - Ousman (Artist) - Momodou - Fatou - Sheriffo - Landing - Alagie Jammeh - Alagie Dampha - Isatou - Lamin & Dodou. Others at the ceremony included Partha & Gibril - Abdoulie Njie Dodou & Mr. Touray - Partha,Yahya and Alagie.  At the end of the ceremony Dodou Loum presented Juliet Millican with a plaque on behalf of the entire GADHOH for her and EdDev’s contribution and support in changing the lives of all its’ members.

April GDSA Training for the match 1st team training Team training outside the Sedar Senhore Stadium in DakerA break in training - Tactics discussed -  - GDSA V Senegal at the Sedar Senhore Stadium in Daker - GDSA in blue and the Senegalese line up- Exchanging greetings - GDSA football team in Dakar for the international friendly - GDSA football team squad - Opposition bench - The team  - Official photograph - Lamin Ceesay, Sherriffo and Treasurer with the winners trophy won against Senegal at the Sedar Senhore Stadium in Daker 

May 6th - Training - Mr.Momodou Sanyang, one of the sign language teachers took a turn during training and Sign language interpreter Mr.Alhagi Dampha and Partha Sahoo assisted at the workshopExercise was taken by Partha and the participants during the workshop training. During the break Lamin Ceesay, a GADHOH Deputy Director and a sign language teacher flanked by Partha and Alvean and our transport Fatou Drammeh with her husband Lamin who are both deaf and other participants at break. The serious point in HIV / AIDS training was taken in by all who attended 

12th - Female Wing The old Female Wing was based at Latrikunda Sabiji in a compound and a building that was formerly a school - with grounds that are farmed for vegatablesThe students are taught in tailoring class - how to make Soap PowderKnitting and crochet lessons are popular amongst the girl students – you will always have a warm welcomefrom the staffthe nursery teacher Gibril Ceesay - Isatou Sanyang in her office and the  Pre-nursery school for Deaf children are always eager to learn and greet visitors -

July 17th - Female Wing - Fiona Stevenson visits the Female Wing. Gibril Ceesay (Superman?)  students and the girls are looking pretty and even a models pose. Meeting time for the staff and Fiona and discussions at Female Wing. Fiona & Isatou and the staff all had a saygood discussions from Kaddy, and Isatousome listened and some had more to say, but agreement reached. Even the children joined in the discussions or watched intently. Time for a break means time for a laugh. Away from the serious business but you just had to be there to understand. But there was only one winner! Further discussions outside before seeing the Knitting class who were hard at work making garments and proud of their achievements.  There was time for one last pose for the camera. Then the Nursery where some of the children were trying to get in the photo,  and some just smiled for it. Time to sort the toys and share them out. Some watched as Fiona discussed the toys, and was showing the staffbut the best fun was teaching the children although the adults didn't miss out! Playtime - for children who were pleased with themselves and with the new toys. Some played in their den and then got very tired before putting the toys away.

Fiona Stevenson is a VSO volunteer, working as a primary cluster teacher trainer in The Gambia. You can read an article on her work in Gambia - Education the whole school approach

August 14th - Mr. Lamin Jaiteh (former GADHOH artist) his wife Anthae, and a young girl. In the back row are Miss Maggi Azzi, Miss Mariama Sosseh,and Miss Fatoumata Sissohore (GADHOH President in 2004). They now live in England - 21st - HQ - Construction of the new GADHOH head office started.

September -HQ Eight members GADHOH, visited Uganda on an exchange visit between the Deaf Associations, sponsored by Comic Relief and facilitated by EdDev. The trip included visits to parliament, (there was a deaf MP), to sign language classes and to women’s group activities in Lira. Here with the Chairman of the Ugandan National Association of the deaf Mr Ssenyonga Maurice.  GDSA The football team had a team strip donated for the The Gambian Deaf Scorpions  9th - GDSA - Football Deaf Scorpions v Gambia Army Force at Senegambia Spy bar football ground L - R  Rear:Baboucar Jammeh - Sulayman Bojang - Masanneh Sanneh - Sulayman Jaiteh - Ahmad Cham - Yankuba Bojang - Wally Joof - Ebrima Jallow - Momodou Sanyang  Front:Ebou Kangi - Alhagie B.Bah - Alhagie Darboe - Modou L. Gaye - Abdoulie Njie - Lamin Marong - Lamin Jatta - Mantanba Sanyang -  Start of the match - striker Alhagie Darboe is tackled by GAF - Scorpions’ supporters - Scorpions defend a corner - Scorpions defender Yankuba Bojang tackled - Yankuba Bojang free kick - Lamin Marong defendsDeaf scorpions’ supporters celebrates Masanneh Samureh goalGAF restart after the goal - Referee gives yellow card to Scorpions captain Abdoulie Njie - Second half - Photo 51 Scorpions putting pressure on GAF - Scorpions captain fouled by GAF defender - Scorpions’ goal keeper Sulayman Bojang saves - Scorpions captain Abdoulie Njie fouled, againrestart after a rainfall - Scorpions defend a free kick just outside their box  - Scorpions’ officials and supporters watch on - Scorpions reserve bench and Assistant CoachWilliam Sambou looks on from defence as Scorpions apply pressureMasanneh Sumureh Scorpions attacks GAFs goal and Alhagie Darboe No10 supports him Final score:Scorpions1 Gambia Army Force 0 - 24th -  Ousman  painting numbers on Shirts. Well worth the effort and didn't they look good.

October - GDSA - GDSA adopts its’ Constitution - 4th - 6th - HIV/AIDS Training, as well as  Sign language, literacy, and organisation, is taught by GADHOH in its adult education programme. For special activities like HIV/AIDS education workshops, the activities begin with training of deaf trainers, commonly known as sign language teachers, who are engaged in all trainings and data collection concerning the general membership. Miss Alvean Jones (here with a member) and Mr Partha Sahoo,VSO volunteers attached to GADHOH, assisted the teachers at an HIV/AIDS  training workshop for the new members of the GADHOH at the Banjul and Brikama branches held at St.Thereses Junior secondary school in Kanifing which is at the centre of the Greater Banjul area and within the reach of most members of the Banjul branch. VSO Ireland - Promoting volunteering to fight global poverty and disadvantage.  Read about VSO volunteer Alvean Jones and her experiences of working with the Gambian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and too find out more about VSO Ireland follow the link here

November - Female Wing - Cess & Marieke IJsendoorn visited the Female Wing and took various photographs of the students in the tailoring, cooking and bakery, knitting and crochet and the nusery school. They visited the site where Gert Jan van der Marel of Foundation To Build and his team would build new the nursery school for deaf children and the skills centre for deaf little girls, a new female Wing at Kanifing. Plans had been drawn up and staff and sponsors held meetings to finalise plans.


December 3rd - This day is set aside annually by the United Nations as World Disability Day. The Gambia Federation of the Disabled (GFD) in collaboration with Department of State for Education and UNICEF and other stakeholders, joined the rest of the world in observing World Disability Day at the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) grounds. It is held to remind people that those with disabilities have the same rights as other members of society and therefore, should be empowered to actively participate in decision-making and national development. In recent years, awareness creation and understanding have been made to promote social justice and normalise the situation in which disabled persons all over the world find themselves. Tremendous efforts are still needed for the full attainment of future developments and improvements in the life of disabled people everywhere. The 2003 census shows, 2.8 per every thousand Gambians have some kind of disability - World Disability Day Team and children of St Johns school for the deaf.

Reaction to Begger Convictions - 21 beggars were sentenced by the Court and sparked off deep concern among the disabled people. It was said that that the begging syndrome among disabled people could be eradicated if the authorities give them logistical support to get disabled communities trained on various skills with a view to opening up alternative employment for them and that most disabled people are begging because they have no other way of earning their living. Disabled people’s organisations like GADHOH, were already embarking on rehabilitation and skills training for the disabled.

GDSA - Certificates were awarded to our Irish friends in appreciation for their contributions to GDSA. Photo  shows L – R Alvean Jones – Elish Bradley – Sheriffo Kanteh – Jack Bradley and Lamin Ceesay and another Irish friend John Paul receiving a gift from the president and treasurer.

Female Wing Various photos taken throughout 2006 Isatou in her office  - Tailoring - Some of the African Gambian bags being shown by the teacherThe fabrics usedA student with her bags – Knitting -  The knitting classSmiles from the classroom - Tie & DyeLessons in the groundsGigbril Ceesay instructingUsing the buckets Heating the waterInspecting the goodsWringing them out - Bakery Grounding the ingredientswas hard workstudents in the kitchenlooking out from the kitchenbig smilesand very big smilesadding ingredientsCookingFinshed meal - HairdressingSalon entrance - decorated inside - Ladies gather - And chat as only ladies do - Nursery - Isatou with a childTwo of the childrenJumpers when coldUniforms when hotIn classThe childrenSat at their desksDuring lessons - Vegetable Garden - One of the ways we raise funds to support our activities is partly by selling some of the produce that has been grown in our gardens. Any gardener will tell you the more effort you put in, the better the cropsGood preparation is needed though and the crops of vegetables are tendered to almost daily. As well as the weeding they are also pruned for a better growth. The soil is raked and any insects removed. Watering daily just to ensure that they grow is a big task for the students. Some of the seeds do not grow and anyone who is visiting, please bring some seeds so that we can try them, spring onions are our favourites. It is hard workAt the end of the growing season it is time to benefit from our efforts. Some of the produce is used in bakery cooking at the wing whilst some of it is sold at market. It makes it all worth while.

HQ Staff and friends at HQ

Female Wing Friends making a donation of chairs toys and teaching materials from the UK. Abdoulie Willam, Andrew Mootoo, Isatou Sanyang and former teacher - Volunteer at Nursery School with her father and BIG smiles for the camera from all including the teacherTie & Die LessonTailoring lessons by Abdoulie Willam -Knitting Class  Students at Female Wing Skill Centre Isatou Sanyang making a speech at Brikama College Workshop - Hairdressing salon wirh Awa Kah, Sainabou Bdjie (teacher) Sainabou Mbaye & Kaddy Kinteh - One of the first happy customers - Salon is open for business

Tech Students - The first deaf students attended the Gambia Technical Training Institute following Awareness training and the provision of interpreters.


HIV /AIDS awareness - GADHOH had an input in the HIV/AIDS and Deaf Communties book by Constanze Schmalling & Leila Monaghan(EdDevs) with a report on GADHOH's first HIV/AIDS education project for deaf people in the Gambia, encouraging other deaf communities to carry out a similar project. Number 22, issue 1 of the International Journal of Deaf Studies (Deaf Worlds) 2006


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January - Mr.Ousman Saidy became GADHOH artist replacing Lamin Jaiteh - HQ Land was allocated for a new National Headquaters but it was very overgrown. Many volunteers helped by clearing the land, cutting down trees, removing the stumps and burning the bush. Foundations for the wall were dug and the wall was started being built in February. The volunteers having a well earned rest.


June - HQ Staff meeting at the HQ office.


July 8th - 17th -  Youth - WFD Youth Camp - Fatoumatta Conteh, Fatou Drammeh (Leader) and Abdoulie Njie(Jnr), attended The World Federation of the Deaf, 3rd Junior Youth Camp, 2005, in Leksand, Sweden. World Federation for the Deaf World Federation of the Deaf  3rd Junior Disabled Youth Camp  - Female Wing Nursery The Nusery school for the deaf - in schoolNursery school meeting with parents


Female Wing - Hairdressing Salon - With the support of EdDev, the hairdressing salon for the female wing opened. The salon and teacher Sainabou Badje instructing students Awa Kah, Sainabou Mbaye & Kaddy Kinteh and one happy customer!

October 3rd - Female Wing Parents of children at Female Wing Meeting  20th - Barra Branch Mr.Lamin Ceesay, Alhagi Jammeh, Sheriffo Kanteh, Isatou Manga, Kaddy Ndey Sambou (a local deaf woman) and Mrs Fatou Drammeh and others  waited for people to  convene for the meeting at Essau. Official delegates Mrs Isatou Manga, Miss Alvean Jones ,Mr.Ousman Saidy, and Mr.Sherifo Kanteh attended to assist the meeting. There were familiar faces, Mr. Pa Ngerre Mbye sitting with his family members, Mr.Abdoulie Njie (GADHOH president) Mr.Ousman Joof, a local deaf supporter, with Alhagi Jammeh and Alvean Jones, Mrs Fatou Drammeh, Ousman Joof, Abdoulie Njie and Alhagi Jammeh and Fatou Drammeh and Alvean. New members also gathered, with groups of womenthe young with parents, families,  the elderly, even those too young to understand, who were initially registered and Mrs. Isatou Manga recorded participants. Deputy Director Lamin Ceesay, GADHOH (right) addressed the meeting in sign language, while sign language interpreter Alhagi Jammeh interpreted into local language. Fatou Drammeh and Alhagi Jammeh arranged GADHOH information leaflets which were being read by members. Discussions were held and Lamin Ceesay interviewed people whilst interpreter Alhagi Jammeh explained about GADHOH counselling services available to families. Mr. Ousman Saidy and Alvean Jones also addressed deaf locals who attended Refreshments were had and an Interim management committee of the Branch was formed. 26– 30th October - GADHOH attended an International Conference on Deafness and mental Health in Worcester South Africa with delegates from European countries, USA and Africa, a process, which contributting towards equity and accessibility for people with disabilities in South AfricaInstitute of the Deaf

November - Sign books - The first Gambian Sign Language books being bound by staff and Roger Hewett of EdDev GSL Gambian Sign Language books being bound -   - 16th -  A second hand Mitsubishi L200 to reach deaf people in remote areas was bought with the help of the EDdev project. It is still being used in 2008 GADHOH staff on outreach visit to deaf people up country with GADHOH only official vehicle - 20th - HQ - AGM - During the Annual General Meeting held at Tallinding the Director of the female wing Ms Isatou Sanyang made the remark “Disability does not necessarily mean inability.”  


December 1st - The official ceremony of the opening of a new class room block was held and after the new class room block was opened, an act of criminal damage to the windows of the school, principal’s car and the principle's office equipment -  5th - A further act of criminal damage to desktop, printer and fax machine, making a total in excess of D42000.00 - 14th – AGM – The Annual General Meeting was held at Latrikunda Sabiji branch. At the time there were 490 members,14 experienced and two inexperienced staff, and six regional branches with each branch represented in the national board -GADHOH Annual General Meeting - Each branch was represented from across Gambia  ....Farrafenni Branch....Soma Branch...Barra Branch.....Brikama Branch....and Banjul Branch. The event was hugely supported, and Gambian food was prepared for all who attended. Speeches were made....and the audiance several members......The audience were attentive.....and there were many of them....... Guests applauded.....and listened.....More the speakers and  even one by Alvean Jones. Babies were present......... and grandmothers .... and fathers......and a good time was had by allIt was good to meet friends...... have a laugh.....listen to what was proposed....... have a drink...... spend some time with mum...... renew friendships.....enjoy the company.... and the occassion. It was also a time to look good! ..or just pose for a photo. But the cooking was fantastic, the women did us proud - 17th - Deaf awareness raising workshop for the administration and teaching staff of the Gambia Technical Training Institute was organised by the GADHOH - EdDev project


GADHOH members meet the President  - GADHOH members worked at the Gambian Public Transport Cooperation - GPTC and five of their members were honoured to have their photograph taken with the Gambian President. Public transport staff - Sukai Tourey-Magi Azzi-Fatou Njie- Ndey Njie-Oumie Joof - Gambian President with 5 GADHOH members working at the Gambian Public Transport Cooperation - GPTC - HQ - A delegation from the Sierra Leone Deaf Association (SLDA) visited GADHOH in order to share experiences and discuss matters of mutual intertest - HQ - The wall around the GADHOH National Headquarters office where moulded bricks were used. Now the wall is up, plans for the building completed, the area cleared, and the workers all keen, with the night watchman in place work on the new building can begin.


January 2001 – December 2005 EdDev & Deaf Link Gambia - Education for Development, a Reading based charity has, for the last four years been successful in obtaining grants to support deaf people's educational development in The Gambia. This project has been possible with support from Comic Relief and the grant ceased at the end of 2005. During this period EdDev sponsored training for GADHOH staff in the UK, at various workshops in Gambia as well as visit to Uganda. The Ugandan and Namibian associations of the deaf (UNAD & NNDA) also visited GADHOH in The Gambia, to share experiences and ideas.

Deaf Link Gambia is formed by professionals, both deaf and hearing and other people who wish to support work with deaf people in The Gambia, practically, financially and in principle. Further information  Awareness   Raising   Workshop


This year saw a change in the GADHOH Logo to what you see today.

 Staff, members & friends - Dodou Loum - Lamin Ceesay, Assistant DirectorAmie Cham, General Scretary & Chair of Female wing - Gibril Ceesay and signing with Landing Badjie - Fatou Drammeh, Sign Language teacher - Alagie Jammeh, Interpreter - Partha Sahoo, VSOMuhammed Ali, Steve our Swedish Interpreter and Alvean Jones VSO Siaka Jammeh GTTI & Drama Group - Kaddy Bojeng, interpreter, attending a wedding of a deaf couple with Fatou Dramneh - Staff meeting Lamin our Driver doing what we always do - Modou Lamin Gaye, football Ombudsman - ? - Marian Allen Vice President St. John's -  Honourary Father Amadou Touray - ?- Doudou Loum.

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January - Angela Spiesinger, the first deaf VSO volunteer, started her work with GADHOH

February 9th - The Government Department of Lands and Surveys allocated a piece of land at the Kanifing Institutional Area Extension Layout (plot number 55 for the purpose of a National office Headquarters (around Mile 7). The Association’s members cleared the ground and plans drawn up for its use. A premium of D12500.00, and a survey fee of D1500.00 was paid to the central Revenue Department on 17th February 2004. The land was offered on the condition that the allocation would lapse if the plot remains underdeveloped for more than 24 months from the date of issue. This was later extended to 31st December 2006 as no funding was available for further development after the fencing had been completed.


March - GDSA Disabled Day Football team - Winning Football Team


April - Deaf Club GADHOH Deaf Club is inaugurated with the assistance of Angela Spielsinger, the first deaf VSO volunteer (2003-2004). GADHOH members waiting for the commencement of Deaf Club activities


                              July - Deaf Club Angela Sielsingers leaving party. What a fantastic gathering



More photos from Andrew Mootoo which were taken in July. Dodou at the land allocated and thinking ’we could put the HQ here, Female wing there, so lets get on and do it.’ Isatou learning how to make mistakes –  a meeting of staff in the head office discussing the GADHOH leafletsOn this visit some of the members had instructions on using the internet. Serious discussions at HQDon’t rub the blackboard out Isatou needs the internet instructions’. Having had instructions on how to use the computers the staff went together to an internet café where they had chance to put it all into practise. Some found it easier then othersPhoto opportunity outside of HQ and inside there was further instruction for Sherrifo and other staff on how to use the video camera, but don’t point it at meHelena was interested in the sign language drawings. New school desks were built from the local carpenters who made sure they looked good and what a very good job they made of them There was also  a play  performed by some of the members of the Drama club  to an  appreciative audience. Fun was had by all and it was thoroughly enjoyed. The video camera lesson was very useful as the play was recorded. When the play was over the performers were happy to have a group photo taken. Dodou inspected the metal fence posts for the allocated site. A quick look at the hairdressing and the extensions, the Nursery class teacher, Istaou proud with her computer, books that had been donated, before receiving some table mats as appreciation and having that all important photograph with friends. And finally, Andrew and Helena were happy just socialising with friends.


December - Mr.Lamin Jaiteh retired as GADHOH artist having been in that post since September 2001 - Mr.Ousman Saidy was a sign language teacher September 2001 to December 2004 - 18thMr Sheriffe Kanteh delivering another lesson - 30th - Construction of boundary wall around the plot for the National Headquarters commenced after a fee of D365.00 was paid for the permit 


HQ -  The photograph shows  KMC Mayor Mr Abdoulie Conteh with EdDev reps Roger Hewitt & Jane Boyd, GADHOH Executive Director and others involved in a training workshop project. KMC Mayor Mr Abdoulie Conteh with EdDev reps Roger Hewitt and GADHOH Executive Director 




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February - GDSA - The Gambia Deaf Sports Association (GDSA) was established - Interpreter - Interpreter training workshop was held.


March 13th - International Conference - Return visits were made by the Namibian and Ugandan (UNAD & NNDA) delegation to GADHOH in The Gambia. This included a workshop for sign language teachers and interpreters run by the visiting Ugandans and two days for both groups were spent together at Tendaba Lodge. Report of visit - 14th - Constitution - The GADHOH National Board formerly adopted its' Constitution for implementation on 1st May 2003


June 1st - AGM  - Held at Latrikunda Sabiji with the steering committee members of the EdDev project and the Executive Director of the Ombudsman. The GADHOH constitution and policies drafts were discussed and agreed upon - SHIA/SDR The first SHIA / SDR (Swedish organisations of deaf people) project with GADHOH commenced


August 16th - Employer awareness workshop was held over two days at the Gambia Hotel training school at Kanifing - 21st - The Kanifing Municipal Council together with some other DPO’s invited GADHOH to its World AIDS Day organising committee.


December - Miss Fatou Jaiteh GADHOH was office secretary January to December 2003 - Plymouth - DakarGADHOH was donated 2 cars by the PlymouthDakar rally group in (Lancia hatchback and an Austin Montego L) - Sweden Visit - Three deaf members and a sign language interpreter from GADHOH, visited Sweden to attend training in management organisation sponsored by the Swedish associations of deaf people SHIA, SIDA and SDR.


GADHOH trained teachers, in association with the National Aids Secretariat, and then held its first educational HIV / AIDS workshop for deaf people.


GDSA - Regional level trophy and the GDSA Executive Committee - Lamin - Lamin Jaiteh & Mr Loum

Deaf Club - Photo shows a gathering of the Deaf club Deaf Club Sports 1 - Deaf Club Sports 2 - Deaf Club Sports 3


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February 29th - HQ - A survey on Employment Earnings and related characteristics from the central statistics Department to NGOs was submitted.


April - HQ A five day training course for interpreters was held by Dr Constanze Schmaling of EdDev. GSL -   National Sign Language Development team and Deaf artisit Ousman Saidy began drawing signs for the Gambian Sign Language book.


May 7th - GADHOH participated in a workshop on Orientation of Municipal coordinating committee, organised by the Banjul City Council, and held at its Chamber.


July - HQ GADHOH participates in the Deaf Way II' conference in Washington DC and was accompanied by Reoger Hewitt (EdDev). Whilst there Dodou Loum met the President of Gallaudet University King Jordan.


On route to London, they attended their first meeting of Padcon, the Pan African Deaf Congress.




September - HQ - six members of GADHOH staff and two interpreters had three days in the UK attending an orientation workshop and a video workshop at Reading University.  


A delegation of eight members GADHOH, visited Uganda on an exchange visit between the Deaf Associations, sponsored by Comic Relief and facilitated by EdDev. The trip included visits to parliament, (there was a deaf MP), to sign language classes and to women’s group activities in Lira. The photo is of President Moris Sryong and board members of UNAD, Dodou Loum(executive director), Miss Fatou Saho (the then female wing director), Mr.Lamin Ceesay,Momodou Sanayang, Miss Fatou Sissohore, Miss Mariama Sosseh (all sign language teachers), Mr. Musa Jorbateh, Mr. Alfusainy Sanyang(all sign language interpreters) The deligation accompanied by Dr. Constanze Schmalling of EdDev.  In the photo are three member deligation from Namibia National association of the Deaf, the president, and three other board members of the Uganda national association of the deaf. It was an exchange visit between the national deaf associations of the three countries. Later, the Namibian and Ugandan delegation also visited the GADHOH in the Gambia.

Two interpreters absconded in the UK when returning from Uganda. Mr Musa Jobarteh & Mr Alfusainy Sankareh - where are you now?


October - Andrew Mootoo visited – Relaxing (?), No, just working in more comfortable surroundings with Andrew. A sign language workshop with the teacher and class saying helloVisit to St Therese’s Upper Basic School with Dodou  outside of the schoolAndrew at the HQ building in Banjul and a look around the different rooms which shows the conditions that everyone worked in. There were discussions around the table, and whilst there, a lesson was given in the use of the video recorder, it was all new, how to load it, turn it on and also how to edit . Now who rubbed the instructions from the blackboard! It doesn’t matter there are notes on how to use it. The GADHOH logo was being drawn. Dodou was feeling good, yes, definitely feeling good. After learning how to use the recorder, several members went for a walk along Banjul streets to try it out. Interviews were conducted and there had to be several takes of the same thing. Arch 22 (celebrating military coup 22nd July 1994) was visited so that the view could be admired and recorded. We had fun but it was good that Andrew came along as there were differences in how to use it properly. After the Arch visit more instruction and more filming on the Gambian streets where we all had a go at the filming Returning to the office where some of the sign books were being put together and the work still needed to be completed. And so having had a busy time it is always good to go out with your colleagues and have a relaxing wonderful time and it helps when your colleagues, just happen to be your friends.


November - Mariama Sosseh worked for GADHOH as a sign language teacher from June 1999 to  November 2002. She was elected to the GADHOH presidency in January 2002 and she served in this capacity until November 2002 when she left the Gambia for the UK. Interpreters - Four new interpreters were recruited. 


Sign language classes began in 5 different centres in the Banjul area and with a total of 197 students.


HIPC - GADHOH become an agent of the Highly Indebted Poor Countries scheme, which provided for a micro-finance programme. Small loans were provided to assist in the setting up small enterprises so that they might be self-supporting economically (shops and stalls, tailoring, carpentry, wood-carving, tie-dye, and cous milling).


Deafax 2001 -2002 - The Deafax Trust was the only organisation in the UK dedicated to the education, training, research and development of ICT for deaf children. Deafax staff visited to set up a personal computer and to offer training in Gambia and the UK to GADHOH staff.      Information


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January - HQ - Gambian Sign Language teacher training started. 17th - 18th - GADHOH participated in a tripartite collaboration workshop between the department and WHO held at the Kairaba Beach Hotel.


March - GSL - Gambian Sign Language classes for deaf people began. Interpreters - Sign Language Interpreters training began. This led to the subsequent development of a team of interpreters providing their services for deaf people as part of GADHOH’s support for their members.


April - AGM - The GADHOH AGM was held at St.Thereses Junior Secondary school, Kanifing. Miss Mariama Sosseh was  unanimousely elected president and was the association’s first woman president.


Nursery - The Female Wing opened a nursery school for pre-school deaf children.


HQ - The local steering committee members of the first 3 years of the GADHOH – EdDev project (2001 -2003) - Mr Dodou Loum - Ms Fatou Saho - Mr Lamin Ceesay (all GADHOH) - Nancy and Cynthia, special needs unit of Education Department - Mr Ousman Manjang, GAMSEM - Mr Karamo Keita, Department of social welfare - Mr Alimameh Fatty, SOS Children’s Village - Mr Deyda Hydara, The Point News Paper (photo) - Mr Amadou Touray, GAMTEL - Mr Momodou Lamin Jagne, BOKALOHO skill centre - Mr Kebba Sima, project evaluator.



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January 14th - GADHOH signed a memorandum of understanding with the NGO Affairs Agency of the Department of State for Local Government and Lands (now under the Department of Interior). After the signing of MAO, the GADHOH was licensed to operate as a local NGO. And was officially given the number A88NGO. This number has been used on our documents and any vehicles we owned. Details


June 19th - GADHOH participated in a conference on the dissemination of the 1998 National Disability Survey which was organised by the Department of State for Education and held at the Senegambia Beach hotel


September 11th -  Mrs.Isatou Manga, the current office secretary, started at GADHOH (year break January 2007 to March 2008).


October 6th -  The Permanent secretary of the Department of Education invited GADHOH and the St. John’s school for the Deaf to a discussion on sign language at his department.


Female Wing - The female Wing of GADHOH was formally converted with its own activities centre in a building at Latrikunda Sabiji. It provided education and training for women.


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June - HQ - An administrative centre, in rented accommodation, was established and sponsored by organizations for deaf people from Sweden, enabling GADHOH to become an employer and to be more effective with its staff team which consisted of Dodou Loum –Executive director, Miss Mariama Sosseh – Sign language teacher, and Mr. Momodu Sanyany - Sign Language teacher. 


June  - The beginning of GSL - The Commencement of the Gambian sign language (GSL) development process, the sign language teachers documenting and teaching the sign language had support from two deaf female youth volunteers (Hannah Morrell and her friend Becky) from UK.


 October 7th - The GADHOH applied for a plot of land from Government department of Lands and Surveys for National Headquaters building.


Dodou Loum contributed an article in the Disabled Children's Rights book produced by Save The Children Organisation (SOS). The article is in relation to deaf and blind children in The Gambia. It is very blunt and honest - "[serverly disabled children] do not survive childhood..... the lack of rehabilitation facilities coupled with fear of the difficult responsibility of rearing and bringing up an invalid, results in negligence and eventual death of these children."


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HQ - GADHOH participated in the National Disability Survey conducted by UNICEF in 1998    Report


Female Wing - Special group - The Female wing was established and met at the GADHOH office in Banjul. It later it moved to accommodation at London Corner, Serrakunda.


June 29th - Mr Baboucar Siddibeh became a professional carpenter and a member of GADHOH. Born in Basse on 3rd July 1977 he became deaf within 3 years, and was one of the first to graduate at a post primary level from the St. John’s school for the deaf in1993.


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The GADHOH AGM was held  at the National Rehabilitation centre – Department of Social Welfare, Marina Parade, Banjul. The changing of the name of GAHI  to GADHOH was unanimously agreed upon.


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HQ - WFD - GADHOH became a member of the World Federation of the Deaf.

GDSA - Deaf 400m runner - Womens 100m - GDSA Football Team 

November - proposed that GAHI - Gambian Association of the Hearing Impaired, changes to GADHOH - Gambian Association of the Deaf and Hard Of Hearing, in order for the association to qualify for ordinary membership of the WFD.

The photo is of the Deaf Awareness Training Day Team.


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1992 - The Beginning

April 21st - AHI - Gambian Association of the Hearing Impaired was established and registered as a charitable Non Governmental Organisation (NGO).  The GAHI inaugural meeting was held on the premises of the St. John’s school for the deaf. 40 participants were present, 32 of them were post primary graduates of the school, some accompanied by a relative. The first constitution was adopted and an interim committee for the association was set up.

The committee members; Dodou Loum (interim chairman – hard of hearing), Miss Fatou Saho (hard of hearing), Mr. John Jatta (principal of St. John’s school - hearing), Mr. Abdoulie Sallah (audiologist - hearing), Mr Amadou Touray (father of a deaf girl - committee member of the school’s parent / teacher association),

Mr. Kebba Ndure (Secretary General of the Gambia Association of the Visually Impaired (the first DPO to be set up in the Gambia - hearing but visually impaired) and Mr. Kekuta Sissohore (father of a deaf girl - hearing).


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